LED Shoebox

LED Shoebox
ASE's LED Shoebox Light are designed for industrial and commercial application where need high reliability and performance as the bulb maintenance is difficult and even impossible.
Smooth and bright power coated for last attractive appearance, every component of ASE's LED shoebox light has been carefully engineered to provide the most reliable performance and bring across many benefits of utilizing solid state lighting technology in industrial applications.
Widely used in shoebox light fixtures, high masts, parking lot shoebox fixtures, street, roadways, etc.
Features & Advanages:
  1. Top brand high quality Cree chips, MeanWell driver ensure the top performance and durability of the lights.
  2. Sunon Fan from Taiwan, with much less noise and stronger wind power.
  3. Standard North Amercian installation method, accessible to the inside for mounting/wiring, very easy for repairing and replacement.
  4. Die-cast aluminum gasketed enclosure.
  5. Protective power coating for lasting apperance
  6. Integrated thermal management system
  7. Over Temerpature Protection
  8. UL/cUL/CE/RoHS, some DLC listed models available for government rebate program


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