About ASE

American Solar Electric

is the Original “Fixture Integrated Photovoltaic” (FIPV)
Solar Light Manufacturing Company

1. We coined the phrase FIPV for our one of a kind “patented” products. Our unique lighting products use only the finest Monocrystalline PV materials laminated with Tedlar and tempered glass with a 10yr. minimum USA guarantee. All of our FIPV lights have 3-4 modules built into the fixture itself pointing in 3 or 4 directions (East ,West, and South) to insure the maximum opportunities for solar charging.

2. We spare no expense to guarantee the best solar light that American technology can design. We do the final assembly including the installation of our own designed California made light Controller in our TUV certified factory in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. This new cutting edge designed controller is the only one on the market designed precisely for our Lithium ion Phosphate (LIP) batteries or sealed lead acid batteries, 2 controllers in one. This Lithium controller with our (LIP) batteries allows our lights to work in temperatures as low as -40C where other solar lights cannot work.

3. We are one of the only companies in the world to have our complete Solar Light unit, TUV certified to UL classification 1838. Other brands only have a few TUV or UL rated parts, not the complete light unit as we do. Our lights are safer, more dependable, work better and are guaranteed longer than any other solar lights on the market.


William Ramsdell - President
1900 Joella St
Las Vegas, NV 89108
Office: 702-648-5333
Phone: 702-274-5318 (Cellular)